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PVD piston rings: long life – high fuel economy

Constant advances in combustion engines put increasing thermal and mechanical stress on components while its dimensions simultaneously decrease. The resulting exacting demands have to be met with innovative technologies. The development led from simple cast iron rings via steel rings on to coatings which reduce wear and friction.
Many years ago Nippon Piston Ring started developing wear-resistant PVD coatings. PVD stands for “physical vapour deposition”, a vacuum-based coating process where layers of hardening components are directly deposited onto the surface of the piston ring. The PVD coatings are notable because of their high wear-resistance. This is achieved by a high hardness (1400-2200 Hv) and an extremely compact layer structure. A further advantage is the very smooth surface which results in considerable friction benefits.

Nowadays PVD rings are used successfully for numerous applications. They are being used in commercial vehicles which have a required mileage of more than 1 million miles and modern highly stressed automobile diesel engines.

PVD technology is increasingly being used in conventional petrol engines. Its high wearresistance maintains the ring shape over a longer period of time. For instance this allows a reduction of the ring tension of PVD coated oil control rings which in turn results in considerable friction benefits.

Based on the innovative PVD technology NPR of Europe can offer low friction and highly wear-resistant piston rings.

In this way NPR of Europe contributes greatly towards more economical and durable engines!

NPR of Europe GmbH does not accept any liability for incomplete or incorrect information in this report. It is exclusively up to the customer to form his opinion about the characteristics of the material and its adequacy for the purposes intended by the customer. Furthermore, NPR of Europe GmbH points out that any information given in this materials brochure does not constitute a legal guarantee for the appearance, characteristics and workmanship nor does it represent a warranted quality.